Kidznest is a unique online holistic child development program cultivating young minds of age 2-6 years through the most entertaining use of interactive digital technology.

  • Kidznest has lively animated characters which are inspirational, motivational, friendly, funny, and quirky which would captivate a child and provide fun learning
  • Storytelling, Music, Songs and Rhymes are interwoven in Animated Videos and Games
  • Helps kids at home to reinforce pre-primary school learning
  • Once you Sign up with us , you can instantly overview the entire program by logging into
  • The program structure is systematic and simple
Weekly modules For toodlers Fun Learning
35 Child Development Module
3 years of Child Development and Growth
  • Each module consists of 4-5 videos & 1-2 games pertaining to the following subjects:

    Aesthetics & Creativity… Nurturing Innovators
    Every child is inherently creative. We inspire creative self-expression in children through arts & crafts. We help them observe, interpret and recreate elements of the environment on the canvas of their own imagination.

    Literacy… Cultivating Effective Communicators
    Language skills are fundamental to development of communication skills. We are here to ensure that your child has a strong learning foundation for language skills. We handheld your child through process of language learning from hearing to interpretative listening, from tracing to impeccable writing, from recitation to fluent oration. We are here to ensure that your child will have a perfect command on linguistics.

    Motor Skills Development… Mastering Mind-Body Synchronization
    At Kidznest, your child will learn systematically about physical fitness, agility, bodily coordination and spatial awareness to ensure balanced growth. It’s important for children to enjoy and participate in a wide range of physical activities which develop and maintain muscular and cardiovascular strength as well as enhance their confidence and self-esteem. During the process, they also learn teamwork, co-operation and safety practices.

    Numeracy… Mathematical Meticulousness
    Understanding and application of mathematical concepts is the basis of analytical thinking, but a lot of young learners have a tendency to be intimidated by numeracy. It’s important to use a very simplistically effective approach using elements from children’s surroundings, recognition and use basic shapes and simple spatial concepts in daily experiences, inspiring them to discover fascinating mathematical patterns in the world around us.

    Social & Emotional Development… Instilling Virtues & Values
    Effective social and emotional development instils healthy self-esteem in children. At Kidznest, children learn to express their feelings, articulate their thoughts and refine their conduct as smart and civilized individuals.

    Discovery of the world… Inspiring Curious Explorers
    We serve the entire world on our virtual platter for your child to explore, discover and re-discover. We motivate children to engage their senses to find out how things work by conducting investigations and manipulating objects. They therefore develop an understanding of the world around them, providing the foundations for learning every other subject.

  • After one module of all-round development, you will have access to the next module.
  • This systematic progression will continue for the entire program.
  • Kidznest also tracks your child’s time spent on our program in terms of viewing of videos, playing of games, subject areas of interest etc. over a given period of time.